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Scented Highlighters

Unique Scented Highliters

Non-Toxic scents

Scents like Cucumber Chips/Coca-cola/Muffin etc.

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  • Windowed Cap design

    Mild Ink Colors

    Water-based ink, Quick Dry and No Bleed

    Soft Chisel tip is great for note-making, assorted plans, bullet journals and more


  • Twin Plus Marker
    Two-end tip with 2 different colors in one shade

  • Unique Shape.The shape is from round to oval and with matte finish effect,looks like the fashionable cosmetic products.

    Total 10 Mild ink Colors,instead of the strong fluorescent colors,these Mild Colors are friendly to people's eyes.

    Large ink supply.

  • Japanese Tip

    Day-based ink

    Vibrant colors

  • POM fine tip

    Vibrant colors

    Dye-based ink

    Unique Barrel design

  • Soft Tip allows you highlighting not only on flat surface but for concavoconvex surface

    Vibrant colors 

  • One end Bullet tip, the other end Chisel Tip

    Non-toxic, acid-free, low odor and Alcohol Based ink

    Ergonomic triangular shaped barrels easy and comfort grip and  also prevents markers from rolling off smooth surfaces

    More than 200 colors available